Artists at Risk (AR) nominated for EUROPEAN CITIZEN’S PRIZE!

Perpetuum Mobilε is delighted to announce that PM’s Artists at Risk (AR) platform has been nominated for the European Parliament’s EUROPEAN CITIZEN’S PRIZE!

Here an excerpt from the commendatory text to the Prize Chancellery of the “Civi Europaeo Praemium” (’_Prize):

“Artists are targets of politically motivated threats in great parts of the world. Many have painfully learned the price of speaking the truth in countries not committed to human rights and democracy. When such European principles are at risk in neighbouring countries, it is the honour and onus of the Union to support grassroot initiatives which uphold these values.”

For more about the European Citizen’s Prize see
On this occasion, we would like to share again with you our recent panel at the EU Parliament conference on Asylum and migration:

For more on this conference, see AR / Safe Havens at European Parliament Conference