AR-Safe Haven Athens Residency

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AR-Safe Haven Athens will welcome its first AR-Resident in May 2017, funded by Re-Build Refuge Europe, a Creative Europe  project, in partnership with European Alternatives. The AR-Athens residency was initiated and developed with several local partners.  Perpetuum Mobile /AR participated in Synapse 1 and Synapse 2 of the Athens Biennale 2015-2016. The first AR-Athens resident will be visual artist and writer Pınar Öğrenci  based in Istanbul.

N.B. PM is curating a first AR PAVILION in Athens (independent of both Athens Biennale and documenta14). The exhibition is opening on  7 April 2017  2pm-5pm (Athinas 55 / Varvakios Square).


Perpetuum Mobilε (PM) is a curatorial vehicle which brings together art, practice and enquiry. PM has worked extensively in the Nordic, European and international field. Perpetuum Mobile develops longer-term thematic projects which include conferences, workshops, residencies, small and large exhibitions, festivals, public and street art, publications, films and new formats. PM’s longer-term thematic platforms include the Re-Aligned Project, the Perpetual Pavilion, the Perestroika Project, The Arts Assembly, Artists at Risk, Sino-Fi and Mobile Talks.

The AR-Athens Residency will be co-hosted by Perpetuum Mobile and by various local hosts such as Athens Biennial and United African Women’s Organization among others, and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

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