AR – Wysing Arts Centre near Cambridge


Wysing Arts Centre is situated nine miles outside Cambridge, UK on 11 acres which encompasses a gallery, education space, ceramics studio, recording suite, studios for local artists, a live/work studio and a 17th century farmhouse. Our aim is to support artists at every stage of their career through a series of events, residencies, young people and schools programmes and alternative learning strands. Integral to Wysing’s ethos has been the provision of space to enable artists to experiment, undertake research and make new work.

Each year, Wysing Arts Centre operates programmes under a theme. During 2017 Wysing is exploring “many voices” across all our programmes under the over-arching title Wysing Polyphonic. Through residencies, exhibitions, events, study weeks and study days, we work with a range of artists to explore a diversity of contexts and positions to help better understand the role of art, artists, and arts organisations such as Wysing, at this moment of global political change. We provide a platform for many voices, in particular those that have the potential to be over-looked in the current political rhetoric, alongside a range of ways that those voices can be heard.

Intrinsic to developing an inspirational environment in which to make new work is the discussion, debate and contextualisation of ideas through public talks and events and gallery exhibitions. Central to the talks and events programme is the contribution of a diversity of experts from neighbouring villages, from the city and University of Cambridge, and beyond. The programme expands ideas, taking them into the wider world, to be influenced by, and influence, thinking in other spheres and specialisms. Recent contributions have included experts from a range of disciplines including chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, psychology, history and environmental studies. As such, Wysing operates like a campus, bringing together creative practitioners through shared spaces and events.

AR – Safe Haven Residency (October – December 2017)

Wysing is pleased to host a three-month Safe Haven or On the Move residency for an AR resident who is a target of politically motivated threats and persecution in their home country. Three artists have been invited to stay in our 17th century farmhouse who will contextualise this residency period – Maryam Monalisa Gharavi, Imran Perretta and Morgan Quaintance. The three artists work across writing, publishing, curating, music and video, and their work takes cues from current art historical, socio-cultural and political developments. As part of their residencies, they will contribute to events and study days and the selected AR resident is invited to contribute alongside them. We would welcome artists from any background or discipline to apply for the Safe Haven Residency. For more details on the Autumn Residency period and the artists contributing, please click here.


Wysing has free open wireless networks across the site. Mobile phone reception is only available in certain areas of the site. Fixed line telephones are available for use during office hours. Wysing has available a vehicle, ceramics studio and recording studio, all of which can be hired out for a fee. Wysing also has a cafe on site which serves local food, hot and cold drinks and cakes. Artists working from studios at Wysing regularly have lunch in reception along with staff, at 1pm daily.

Image credit: Wysing Arts Centre studios and farmhouse, Photo: Mike Cameron, 2015