Pinar Ögrenci, AR-Resident at Safe Haven Helsinki and Athens

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Pınar Öğrenci is an artist and writer based in Istanbul with an international following. Öğrenci’s work has been significantly influenced by war, migration and activist impulses in recent years.



MOBILE TALK by Pınar Öğrenci at HAM


Resident of

AR-Safe Haven Athens, Spring-Summer 2017
AR-Safe Haven Helsinki, Winter 2017

Pinar Ogrenci_Purple Panic-43_Intervention at Tlatelolco_Mexico City

Purple Panic- 43; Intervention at Tlatelolco, Mexico City


Pınar Öğrenci is an artist and writer based in Istanbul. Öğrenci’s work has been significantly influenced by war, migration and activist impulses in recent years. Feeling helpless in the face of the news of so many deaths that kept coming from southeastern Turkey in 2015, she became engaged in an initiative called “I am walking for peace”. Organized on social media in the middle of December 2015, the initiative stood against the war being perpetrated by Turkish armed forces against the Kurdish people living in the southeast of the country. It demanded an end the murder of the civilian population and called for the peace process to be restarted.

Öğrenci was arrested on the 31 December 2015, when the “I am walking for peace” initiative arrived in Diyarbakır, the main city of the Kurdish area of Turkey. Along with 23 peace marchers, she was detained for 4 days. The Turkish Government accuses Öğrenci of being a terrorist, which is punishable by a sentence of 18 years imprisonment. Her case started in April 2015 and is still continuing.


Pınar Öğrenci (b. 1973, Van, Turkey) is an artist, activist and writer with a background in architecture. Öğrenci uses various media in her artistic practice, including photography, video, film, performance and installation. Her work addresses subjects such as migration, war, nationalism, cultural assimilation or collective celebrations, and include stories of heroism and urban transformation. Her works have been exhibited widely at museums and art institutions including at MAXXI Museum, Rome, 2015-6; SALT Galata, Istanbul, 2015-6; Angewandte, Vienna, 2016, De Las Fronteras Biennial, Tamaulipas, 2015; Sinop Biennial, 2014; Çanakkale Biennial, 2014 and Depo, Istanbul, 2014. She is the founder and organizer of MARSistanbul, an art initiative launched in 2010.


Co-Funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and the City of Helsinki Cultural Department.




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