Welcoming Tito Valery as the first AR-Resident at Wysing Arts Centre!

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We are exceedingly pleased to announce Tito Valery’s arrival as the first AR-Resident at Wysing Arts Centre, in the vicinity of Cambridge, UK. Tito Valery is a internationally renowned radio, TV and media personality, as well as a photographer and political activist.  Wysing Arts Centre will be hosting Valery from May through July, 2018.

Born CHIFOR C. VALERY, « Tito » is a Cameroonian activist, photographer and media personality from the anglophone city of Bamenda (North West). After studying law at the University of Buea, he begun his career as a radio DJ with a focus on hip-hop. In 2004, he began writing and hosting « The Break » on STV (Spectrum Television), the first show on Cameroonian television focussed on urban contemporary art. After six years on the show, he moved towards photography, opening his first solo exhibition ( Poe’Traits the poetry or portraits) at the controversial radical K-Factory gallery in 2010.

By 2014, Valery was an alumni of « Asiko », Olabisi Silva’s CCA-Lagos powered curatorial project. Valery was invited by « Collectif Nord »  to exhibit at the Dak’Art Biennale in 2014, where his « Hands » series addressed the setbacks and « handicaps » of artists from the Anglophone minority in Cameroon. Valery also worked as a correspondent for the BBC World Service « Arts Hour » radio programme from 2014-2015.

It’s been busy since – from playing legendary Harlem clubs in NYC to programming the Cameroon-focus and hosting the daily crossover radio show « Me and My Circumstances » at documenta14 Radio/Deutschlandfunk in 2017.


Tito Valery is an activist on anglophone/francophone issues, and writes regularly about the oppressive situation of young anglophone Cameroonian artists, and the current tensions more generally.


Receiving Jean Pierre Bekolo, Activist and Cannes-nominated film director, on the political situation in Cameroon.


Valery with Valsero Activist rapper/author of the game-changing track « Lettre au Président » (letter to the president).

Talk on spoken-word poetry and writing as an art form and tool of resistance to oppression @IYA art space buea, South West Province, May 2017.


Poster made calling for the liberation of now banned « Consortium » leader , barrister Agbor Nkongho. This poster was shared over 15k times on Faceboo


Some photographic works by Tito Valery


Heritage, from the exhibition « Northern Survivors ». Monochrome, 1/2015.


Fill the feeling from the 3-photo series ‘Flow’ shown at the RAVY festival YDE. Monochrome, 5/2016.


Lineage from the Portrait series « Ordinary Stars ». Monochrome, 7/2016.

IYA (Mother) from the exhibition « Northern Survivors ». Monochrome, 2/2015.

Tito Valery is an Artists at Risk (AR)-Resident, hosted in cooperation with AR-Wysing Arts Centre. The AR-Network is curated by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) and is coordinated by the AR-Secretariat, co-funded by Kone Foundation. This residency is funded by Arts Council England.