AR Resident – Spartak Khachanov


Welcome to Spartak Khachanov as AR-Resident in Helsinki

Spartak Khachanov is from Kiev, Ukraine, where he was studying in his fourth year at the Kiev Art Academy before being expelled by its Director Andrei Chebykin for making ‘immoral’ artworks. The decision appears to be politically motivated and followed a longstanding period of tension between the artist and the University.

The expulsion followed an art action in which Khachanov placed several dozen white plaster soldiers and military vehicles, all with suggestive phallic features, in a miniature military parade that occupied the corridor of the Art Academy. He has since received threats from the far right in the Ukraine. Following allegations that he is anti-Ukrainian Khachanov argues that he simply wishes to express his pacifism, something that is compatible with concern for his country.

Penis Parade sculptural installation,, 2019





Communist, painted wood, glass, metal, 2018

Spartak Khachanov is an Artists-at-Risk (AR) Resident co-hosted by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) and HIAP on the island of Suomenlinna, Helsinki.

Artists at Risk’s AR–Safe Haven Helsinki is curated by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) and co-hosted by PM and HIAP–Helsinki International Artists Programme on the island of Suomenlinna. It is funded by the Division of Culture and Leisure of the City of Helsinki.

His Helsinki residency is co-funded by Nordic Culture Point as part of the “Immigré Artists and Artists at Risk” 3-year network project.

The AR Secretariat is generously funded by Koneen Säätiö – Kone Foundation.

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