IA-Resident – Munish Wadhia


Welcoming Munish Wadhia to IA-Safe Haven Gnesta

Announcing new IA-Gnesta Safe Haven Residency with Art Lab Gnesta

Munish Wadhia (Kenya) is a painter who uses displacement as an artistic strategy, dislocating and deconstructing imagery and artefacts from his cultural ancestry. His practice functions as an investigative tool that aims to unlock threads of history, while resisting confrontational cultural polarities. He revisits and reconsiders history so as to reveal the slipperiness of the visual codes and markers of difference that form identity.

Munish’s recent installations incorporate found material, loss wax bronze sculptures, video work, large scale drawings and paintings.

Munish Wadhia (b. 1972, Mombasa, Kenya) is an artist based in Stockholm and London. He is a recent graduate with a MA in Fine Art Painting from the Royal College of Art London. Munish received his BA in Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon College of Art, University Arts London. Munish has exhibited in London and Sweden and is currently exhibiting with a solo exhibition at Gislaveds Konsthall to April 2019, and upcoming Galleri Rostrum Malmo August 2019.

Munish Wadhia is resident at Art Lab Gnesta, an independent art hub located in Gnesta, Sweden. The IA-Safe Haven Gnesta belongs to Artists at Risk (AR) network of Safe Haven spaces curated by Perpetuum Mobile, as part of the Immigré Artists (IA) and Artists at Risk (AR)-Nordic Network funded by Nordic Culture Point. The first residency will begin in April 2019.



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