Talk at ZKM | Karlsruhe: At the Interface of Human Rights and the Arts

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Artists at Risk (AR) co-directors Marita Muukkonen and Ivor Stodolsky were at ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe on 6 September to present “At the Interface of Human Rights and the Arts”, a talk on AR’s genesis and growing network.

A warm thank you to the team at ZKM|Karlsruhe for the invitation and open-hearted welcome. It was wonderful to talk to Philipp Ziegler and his colleagues in the upcoming EU Creative Europe project as well as other members of the ZKM team, including Barbara Kiolbassa.

The talk at ZKM opened the programme of “Di bin ezmanekî de | Unter demselben Himmel” (Under the Same Sky), curated by Barış Seyitvan and Barbara Kiolbassa at the art-space Luis Leu in central Karlsruhe.

Barış Seyitvan is the first AR-Resident at AR-ZKM|Karlsruhe in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, funded by a year-long German grant-programme curated by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) / Artists at Risk (AR).

The AR Secretariat is supported by Koneen Säätiö – Kone Foundation.

A « Human Rights Square » is located, to our surprise, right in front of the grand entrance of ZKM.

The ZKM_Cube at night

The ZKM_Cube at night

Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen discussing Issa Touma’s « 9 Days from my Window in Aleppo »

Ivor Stodolsky, Marita Muukkonen, Barbara Kiolbassa

Installation in the entrance hall of ZKM|Karlsruhe


Ivor Stodolsky, Barış Seyitvan, Marita Muukkonen