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Image: Benjamin Abras, MASEMBA, 2014. Photo: Daniel Protzner. Make-up: Lorena Rocha

Artists at Risk (AR) is delighted to announce that the AR-Secretariat has been awarded funding to continue its crucial work in 2021 with a renewed grant from the Kone Foundation. The Artists at Risk (AR)-Secretariat coordinates the selection and safe passage of AR-Residents to AR-Safe Haven Residencies around the world, establishing new AR hosting locations and supporting and building capacity at existing ones.

We are especially pleased that the new “AR-Bridging Fund” for artists at immediate risk outside of Europe can be put into action!  The Artists at Risk (AR)-Bridging Fund is designed to remove artists from imminent risk at very short notice, strengthening AR’s role as a « fast reaction force » in the field. The fund will expand AR’s capacity to respond to urgent cases in which travel or visas are not obtainable at short notice or a regional temporary residence is desirable.  During the course of this year, AR created the AR Covid-19 Emergency Fund to be able to respond to emergency cases which fall outside of European funding mechanisms related to the Coronavirus pandemic. The new Bridging Fund prepares us to continue to face this and further challenges ahead.

Benjamin Abras is an Artists at Risk (AR) Resident, hosted in cooperation with Art Veda at AR-Tunis soon to arrive at AR Safe Haven Helsinki. AR has supported his residencies in Morocco and Tunisia with the help of the Kone Foundation, Protect Defenders, the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and the AR Covid-19 Emergency Fund. The AR-Bridging Fund is designed to support artists in complex situations such as his in future.


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