IA-Resident Samaneh Roghani

Samaneh Roghani

Samaneh Roghani (1984) is a multi-disciplinary Iranian artist based in Malmö, Sweden. She has a Bachelor of Photography from Azad University, Tehran, as well as a BFA and MFA from Malmö Art Academy. She is currently an IA-Resident at the Artists at Risk (AR)/Immigré Artists (IA)-UNICORN residency in Malmö.

Roghani works with a variety of media and techniques, bringing photography and video together with a focus on installation art to generate multi-sensory experiences which combine visual, auditory and tactile elements. Through her work, she creates powerful immersive experiences, weaving personal stories together with universal narratives of struggling for a better life.

Samaneh Roghani

By incorporating self-portraiture into much of her work, Roghani entagles her own lived experience with broader themes of opposition, resistance and migration in the face of fear, ostracism and oppression to convey an understanding of the conditions of life in contemporary societies.

Roghani has received numerous grants and awards from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and other entities, including the Solo Award at the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition for her Barzakh (Limbo) piece. This work represented her narrative on emigration during times of protest and injustice in search for freedom, all the while “ending up being the fear of doing just that”, the artist explained.

Samaneh Roghani

Samaneh Roghani







Her residency will take place over the summer and fall, with plans for a workshop in the second half of the residency and a tentative exhibition in Spring 2022.

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Samaneh Roghani

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Samaneh Roghani is an Immigré Artist (IA)-Resident at the Artists at Risk (AR)/Immigré Artists (IA)-UNICORN Residency in Malmö, Sweden. The programme is co-funded by UNICORN and Artists at Risk (AR), with the support of Nordic Culture Point, Malmö Konsthall and Brunåkra Temporary, and coordinated by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) as part of the Artists at Risk (AR)/Immigré Artists (IA)-Nordic Network.

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