PRESS RELEASE: “Resistosphere – a Visual Commentary on Contemporary forms of Resistance” an exhibition by Kianoush Ramezani

Dear friends and colleagues of Perpetuum Mobile (PM) and Artists at Risk (AR)
in Finland!

Welcome to the vernissage of

in cooperation with Perpetuum Mobile (PM).

Date: Friday, October 8th, 2021.
Time: 17:00
Place: Venetsia building, Lapinlahti, Helsinki
Opening Words: Paavo Arhinmäki, Deputy Mayor for Culture and Leisure of the City of Helsinki

Snacks and drinks will be served. Take the opportunity to meet (fellow) artists, local peers and friends. Our AR-Secretariat / Safe Haven Helsinki team will also be present.

Kianoush Ramezani is a political cartoonist-artist of Iranian origin based in Finland for the past years. Ramezani has received awards for his work, such as at the Angouléme Comics Festival in France in 2018, in Marseille in 2014, and in Geneva in 2014.

The current exhibition features a selection of works on “Resistance”. These were originally published in French journals and media, primarily in the daily La Croix , where the artist has a weekly piece entitled, “Vu Par Kianoush Ramezani”.

Please be reminded that, while COVID-19 restrictions in Helsinki are lifted, it is strongly recommended that all attendees wear masks at the exhibition, which will be held indoors.

The exhibition will be open until December 8th, 2021.

Finnish speakers can read more about the artist at Suomen Kuvalehti and Voima.

Warm thanks to Pro Lapinlahti mielenterveysseura ry for the invitation to PM to the space and the logistics of the exhibition!

Looking forward to seeing you in Venetsia!!!