Meet the new members of the AR-Safe Haven Helsinki team!

It has been a joyful time at Artists at Risk (AR) in Finland, where we have welcomed two new members of our AR-Safe Haven Helsinki team over the summer: Annu Kemppainen and Ha Nguyen! 

AR has had an intense summer and autumn due to the crisis in Afghanistan. Added to this are multiple new AR-Residencies and AR-Residents onboarding around the world. We are very glad to take a breath to announce the two new members of the team.

Annu Kemppainen, Producer at AR-SHH

Annu Kemppainen began working as a Producer at AR-Safe Haven Helsinki at the beginning of August, bringing managerial experience to the position. Kemppainen is an art producer and cultural manager as well as a community educator. They have worked as a producer and managing director in various arts and human rights organizations, such as Helsinki Pride Community, Reality Research Center, The AB Dance Company and Gallery Titanik. In addition to their involvement in the field of arts, Kemppainen has been active in the field of politics and as a member of the LGBTIQ+ activist community. As AR’s Producer at AR-Safe Haven Helsinki and beyond, Kemppainen is working with AR-Residents to plan and coordinate events, campaigns and partnerships with local art organizations.

Ha Nguyen, Communications and Residency Assistant at AR-SHH

Ha Nguyen recently took up the role of Communications and Residency Assistant at AR-Safe Haven Helsinki following a three-month summer internship supported by Aalto University, School of Business, where she continues to work towards an M.Sc. Nguyen has had extensive experience volunteering and then working at nonprofits. Her focus has been on developing strong skills in digital marketing, particularly in reference to social media and online presence. Next to her support of AR-Residents at AR-Safe Haven Helsinki, Nguyen assists in producing content across our media channels and facilitating communication between the AR-Secretariat, global partners and residents.