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The lyrics and music of Pablo Hasel, Valtònyc and Elgio have not only been condemned by an unjust and vindictive Spanish judicial system, but have also made them victims of media fabrication, depicting these artists as criminals and enemies of democracy with whom it is difficult to empathize. 

Pictured from left to right: Valtònyc, Pablo Hasel and Elgio

We see all forms of artistic expression can be tools for transformation and social change. We have raised our voices through concerts, demonstrations and urban art, and now we have begun the creative process to make a musical documentary in collaboration with the film cooperative Bruna and Carne Cruda radio-show. 


The film Art. 490 addresses, both from a personal and artistic perspective, the experiences that have led the three rappers to become political reprisals as well as the effect that repression, whether it be due to social rejection and exclusion, exile or prison, has on their lives. The documentary will be focused on telling the story of three young rappers, who are the faces of today’s persecution of the freedom of musical expression in Spain.

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The film will be accompanied by a unique, genuine soundtrack. Several artists, who will also be featured in the documentary, recreate some of the condemned lyrics and produce new versions using different musical styles. We will listen to the soul of Yolanda Sey, the Latin American rap of Ana Tijoux, the provocative performance of Albert Pla, the danceable electronics of Las Bajas Pasiones and many others, collaborating in the creation of a diverse auditory journey that is rich in style and genre.

Art. 490; A Film for Freedom

Art.490 oscillates between the style of a musical documentary and an expository documentary. It is a fusion of apparently disparate genres to highlight the opposition against social convictions, made possible through the power of music and artistic interpretation. The recreations of the censored lyrics performed by different artists represents an act of solidarity amongst large players in the current music scene toward the wrongly accused young artists.

We will use cinema and its ability to make waves and create change in society to denounce the State and, like a boomerang, make it into a tool to be used against the oppression of artistic expression in Spain. 

Art.490 is a social and political campaign which denounces the violation of human rights by calling attention to the repression of Valtònyc, Pablo Hasel and Elgio. We make the following demands:

  1. The immediate freedom of Pablo Hasel, the free return of Valtònyc, and the withdrawal of charges against La Insurgencia and Elgio, a member of the collective, as well as the charges against all people targeted for exercising their right to freedom of expression.
  2. Initiate the appropriate legislative procedures for the suppression of the articles of the Penal Code referring to insults and slander to the crown and to the institutions of the State.
  3. Modify article 510 of the Criminal Code which corresponds to hate crime, so that it cannot and will not be applied comparatively more to groups that do not explicitly correspond to those defined in the article, such as security forces and other bodies.
  4. Provide a process of justice and reparation for the hundreds of people who have been persecuted for exercising their right to freedom of expression and opinion.
  5. Repeal the Citizen Security Law, known as the Gag Law.
  6. Repeal article 578 of the Penal Code, which refers to the glorification of terrorism, to immediately cease the abusive and perverse use of the legal clause as a tool against dissent and dissidents.
  7. Guarantee the right to freedom of expression and opinion, as well as freedom of press recognized by international organizations and treaties as one of the essential pillars of democracy.

Artists involved in the Art.490 soundtrack


No Callarem, was established in 2017 in response to the repressive offensive of the Spanish State against human rights and, more specifically, in the face of serious setbacks in the exercise of the freedom of expression.

No Callarem

Our objectives as No Callarem are to denounce cases which violate the freedom of expression, point out the persecution of political and artistic dissidence, denounce the manipulation of the State, uncover the political nature of accusations and, finally, demonstrate that repressive practices against freedom of expression is an example of authoritarianism disguised as justice.

We are also part of a network of solidarity and mutual support which collectively assists those who have faced retaliation from the State. No Callarem has made hundreds of events possible, through which many artists and creators have been given a platform to raise their voices in political response and solidarity against the repression of the State.


No Callarem