AR-Juotsa at TUO TUO Resident Lisa Biletska

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Lisa Biletska

Lisa Biletska (1991) is a Ukrainian-American artist, writer, and educator previously based in Kyiv Ukraine who is currently an AR-Resident at AR-TUO TUO in Joutsa, Finland.

Biletska graduated in 2013 from Rice University, Texas, with a Bachelor of Arts dual degree in Visual and Performing Arts and English Language and Literature, for which she was awarded the Mavis C. Pitman Fellowship and the Raymond John Swift Medal in the Arts.

Biletska is the co-editor of Noga Magazine (Журнал Нога), a Kyiv-based literary nonfiction journal focusing on a pluralistic, inclusive Ukrainian experience that traverses national, social, class, gender, race, and language boundaries. She was also the creator of Glowwood, the oracle card deck rooted in ecology, written in nature’s language. Prior, Biletska was the editor for Safal Partners, Texas, and writer for numerous publications, including Imagine Learning in Utah, Reasoning Mind in Texas, and NBC/Universal in New York.

Video still for the text Vyrlytsia by Lisa Biletska, courtesy of the artist

Picture for the text KyivZelenBud Poems by Lisa Biletska, courtesy of the artist

Being a multidisciplinary artist and scholar, Biletska has a long trail of experiences as an advocate for ecology and human environment interactions. She was a guest lecturer at the 2021 Mohrytsia Land Art Symposium in Sumy, Ukraine, where she presented a mixed-format performance-lecture derived from a botanical survey and her personal musings. Biletska was also a guest lecturer and mentor at the Non-Human Heterotopias in 2021 at Saint Petersburg, Russia, geared towards artists working with ecology and environment in the city.

Glowwood project, courtesy of the artist

Additionally, Biletska has also contributed to various group shows and engagements in Ukraine, Russia, and Germany. In addition to her performance of “Perfect Material” at the 2021 Mohrytsia Land Art Symposium in Sumy, Ukraine, most recently, for the Forest Journal (Лесная Газета) art project in 2020 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Biletska published “Vyrlytsia”, a written piece centred around Vyrlytsia, a lake in central Kyiv. She also staged “Dezelenizatsiya”, an artistic visualisation about the importance of greenery in Kyiv, exhibited at BURSA Gallery in 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Lisa Biletska is an Artists at Risk (AR) Resident at AR-Joutsa at TUO TUO in Joutsa, Finland. The AR-Network is curated by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) and is coordinated by the AR-Secretariat, co-funded by SAC — Artistic Freedom Programme and Ministry of Foreign Affair Finland, Centre for Peace mediation.  

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