Thank you Teiger Foundation

It is the season to be grateful! The Teiger Foundation’s $125,000 donation came out of the blue, fast and early after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The new Executive Director Larissa Harris and her board made a courageous decision – a first for their foundation – to fund a European NGO.

This was also a first for Artists at Risk (AR). To receive such a donation from the USA, we went through a “501c-3 equivalency determination” – also generously funded by Teiger Foundation – opening the doors to further US donors. More on that soon!

We are very grateful! 

Artists at Risk (AR), we feel, has put the grant to good use. AR’s work with artists and cultural workers at risk due to the war in Ukraine has borne fruit. We have relocated 325 principal Ukrainian applicants (i.e. not counting dependents) to be hosted with AR-sourced funds at partner organisations around Europe. A further 84 Belarusian and Russian oppositional principals have also been relocated around the world, and dozens of Afghan artists at risk have received our support.

We have had an incredibly busy year at AR!

A heartfelt thank you to the Teiger Foundation!

“Teiger Foundation affirms the importance of visual art and experimental practice to culture and society at large, and therefore positions its work in support of racial justice and against white supremacy, in support of free expression, and towards an equitable transition from fossil fuels amidst the climate crisis.”

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To get a sense of proportion, UNESCO likewise gave us a generous $125,000 for approximately 35 female artists. Recalculated for the over 400 artists we have relocated, the sums needed are huge – especially for a small organisation in the arts. It is only the beginning of what might be needed for the 450 Afghans, 545 Russian and Belarusians, almost 2000 Ukrainians on our lists, let alone the ongoing crisis artists face around the world! In short, we need more courageous foundations like you. Thank you Teiger Foundation!

It is the season to be generous! Donate now: