UNESCO Conference of Parties to the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions

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The UNESCO Conference of Parties to the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, also known as the “2005 Convention on Cultural Diversity”, held its 9th Session from 6–8 June at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France.

Ivor Stodolsky intervened on behalf of Artists at Risk (AR) – which he co-directs with Marita Muukkonen – as part of the mandated observer status of civil society organisations in the Conference of Parties of the 2005 Convention: https://youtu.be/EIIpYthQXX4

The Co-Founding Directors of Artists at Risk (AR) Marita Muukkonen and Ivor Stodolsky were present as part of the civil society participation in the 2005 Convention – considered by many Parties as key to its development – as well as at the Civil Society Forum held in advance of the 9th Session. Find the preliminary version of the Report of the 4th Civil Society Forum Stodolsky refers to in his speech here 4th Civil Society Forum_Report.pdf.

Artists at Risk (AR) was furthermore pleased that the improved mobility of artists and cultural workers, a key demand of AR and many of its partners, was featured prominently in the words of the  Secretary to the 9th Session: https://rb.gy/ity9c.

During the Conference of Parties, the representatives of 151 State Parties to the Convention and the European Union gathered to discuss ways to enhance the diversity of cultural expressions in the digital environment, ensure preferential treatment measures for cultural goods and services and strengthen the status of artists and cultural professionals.

For full materials, documents and the livestream, go to the website of the 9th Session of the 2005 Convention: https://www.unesco.org/creativity/en/ninth-session-conference-parties.

The livestream in English 👉 https://www.youtube.com/live/8eM45Esbc9g?feature=share.