Artists at Risk (AR) stands in solidarity with Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Holland

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25 September 2023

Artists at Risk (AR) joins the The European Alliance of Academies and the European Film Academy in standing in solidarity with distinguished Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Holland, who is facing unwarranted criticism from right-wing politicians accusing her work as defaming Poland. The Polish Minister of Justice has gone as far as labelling her film “Nazi propaganda”. 

‘Zielona Granica’ (The Green Border), the film in question, dramatises the plight of migrants drawn to the Belarusian-Polish border by false promises of safe passage into the EU by the Belarusian government. Upon arrival, they face a nightmarish ordeal, manipulated as pawns by both Belarusian and Polish authorities. The film was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the 80th Venice International Film Festival this year.

Holland has a long and illustrious career in the world of cinema. Her work is renowned for a form of storytelling which delves into complex, real-world issues. Her commitment to shedding light on current challenges, such as migration, is a testament to the power of art to reflect and engage with the complexities of the world around us.

We call on Polish lawmakers to uphold the principles of free speech, respect artistic freedom and end their persecution of Agnieszka Holland.  

Artists at Risk (AR) stands with Agnieszka Holland.