AR-Tbilisi at Ria Keburia A-i-R

Artists at Risk (AR) is pleased to announce that the Ria Keburia Foundation and its A-i-R program are joining the global AR-network of hosting institutions.

The Ria Keburia A-i-R is located in Kachreti, Kakheti, historical region in the eastern Georgia 1,5 hour drive from Tbilisi. It’s located on the territory of the hotel Ambassadori, Kachreti, surrounded by nature. Main locations of the projects, run by the Ria Keburia foundation, are the sculpture park and the exhibition hall on the residency grounds in Kachreti. There is always a possibility to plan an exhibition as a result of the residency program or install a land art object. Events of the public program can be arranged in Tbilisi. Artists are not obliged to leave any artworks to the Foundation. The residency offers a wood workshop and a kiln for firing and glazing ceramics. Artists can stay either in the rooms of the hotel, or in a separate guest house – depending on the timing and arrangements.