AR-Massiaru at MASSIA

Massia is a self-organised residency for artists and cultural practitioners in rural Estonia. With the support of a local sponsor, we can offer free stay for artists and their families that are fleeing the war in Ukraine. We can accommodate up to 30 refugees at a time. There is no minimum or maximum time of stay. We accept all applicants without competition, non-professionals are welcome too. Massia inhabits a heritage school building with lots of space and offers 1-, 2- and 3- person rooms, also some of our studios could be turned into 4-6 person bedrooms. There are two shared bathrooms, one with a bathtub, 2 large kitchens, a library, a big theater hall with a stage, a piano, several studio rooms and a large garden which residents are encouraged to use. We are situated in a small village in the middle of forests, 10 km from the Baltic sea, in proximity to hiking trails, nature reserves and bogs. We have a car that residents can use and 3 bikes. There is a small village store with all the necessities next to the building and regular bus traffic to a bigger town. Massia is a communal space where residents are encouraged to spend time together and exchange, for example to cook and eat together. But those who prefer solitude are always welcome too. Our community consists of people from various disciplines and countries. For practitioners fleeing the war, it could be an opportunity to rest and spend time in the beautiful surroundings, or to continue their work in safety. As we are situated right by the Latvian border, the residency is easily reachable both from the directions of Riga, Latvia and Tallinn, Estonia.