AR-Rorà at Stone Oven House

Artists at Risk (AR) is please to have Stone Oven House part of its hosting network.

Stone Oven House is a project curated by the eponymous non-profit association. Stone Oven House offers artists. working facilities, exhibition spaces, resources, assistance for the project implementation and help with accommodation arrangement. Using the base of its professional contacts the association helps artists with communications and in network building.

The residency supports the mobility of artists and other cultural and environmental activists for cross-border projects. Mobility is a fundamental element of artistic work. Indeed, it brings new inspirations and intercultural exchanges.

Art residency is a safe and comfortable place for self expression. In fact, many artists have to earn a living with other non-art-related works, so the residence becomes an ideal place to devote themselves to a full-time project, away from everyday worries. Also Stone Oven House represents a safe haven for authors from countries that are going through a turbulent time from a socio-political point of view.