AR-Tuscany at Studio Villa Lena

Artists at Risk (AR) is pleased to have Villa Lena foundation to be part of it’s network!

The Villa Lena Foundation is a non-profit organization with an aim to support international representatives of various fields of contemporary art and to promote dialogue between these different fields in Tuscany, Italy. The focus of the foundation is cooperation and the exchange of ideas. The foundation offers artists from different backgrounds the opportunity for residencies, financial support and cooperation opportunities with other art organizations. The foundation also offers residencies for families.

The Artists’ Residence is located in the area of the Villa Lena manor together with the Villa Lena hotel, restaurant and agricultural area, and residents of the residence form part of the local community in the area. Artists are also able to participate in the organization’s activities more officially through commissions and more permanent appointments. In 2022, Villa Lena hosted Ukrainian artists and offered them residency opportunities. In December 2022, the Villa Lena foundation and the Iris Toscana project organized an art exhibition where the graphic works of Ukrainian artists from the residency were on display.