Retreat Art House

Retreat Art House is a unique musical art residence in which in wartime artists affected by the war will be able to temporarily live and work. It is in the territory of the sports and health centre “Hutsulka” in Skole, which has the potential to accommodate up to 70 artists at the same time and many different locations for musical events (streams, festivals, etc.). A project can change the life of hundreds artists, as well as the development of Ukrainian modern culture as a whole. In addition, it will help to develop tourism and culturally enrich the community of Lviv Region, in particular the city of Skole.

Retreat Art House is a part of the Artists at Risk (AR) Ukraine-Internal Residency Network.
This programme is organised by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) as part of the Artists at Risk (AR)-Network in partnership with UNESCO and with the support of Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and Teiger Foundation.