Update on Funding and Applications for Artists at Risk (AR)-Residencies

Artists at Risk (AR) is a highly versatile organisation that grows and changes according to urgency of risk, realistic feasibility of operations, and availability of resources. As previously announced, Special Project Funding which made a high volume of support and relocations possible (eg. Ukraine: bit.ly/ar-ukraine) is currently exhausted. As often at the end of cycles, we are scaling back.
Consequently, all applications for Artists at Risk (AR)-Residencies are currently only being accepted via the Global Applications Form. If you are an artist at high risk, please apply: https://artistsatrisk.org/apply/
At the same time, we are working on new sources to enable new programmes.
Our call to help with *visas for artists from Gaza* is one such initiative, without which we can do little to help them in the very practical way that AR operations work: getting artists at risk out of danger.
If you wish to help, please visit our Donations page: https://artistsatrisk.org/donations