Damian Le Bas at the Artists at Risk (AR) Pavilion

May be an image of 1 person and textDamian Le Bas (1963-2017) is one of the artists featured in the ARTISTS AT RISK PAVILION—Artists. Risks. Humans. Rights. held with the support of UNESCO.
May be an image of ‎11 people and ‎text that says "‎الانهكن Towards the end of his colourful and momentous life, tragically cut short at the peak of his career, Damian Le Bas became increasingly passionate about cartography. His works on maps symbolise the transnational nature of 'Gypsyland'. Going beyond the realm of the Roma community, he presents us with the idea of the world as one inclusive entity. SINTT GYPSYLAND. ROMA & SINTI GYPSYLAND.ROMA&SINTISAGA SAGA at the AR PAVILION‎"‎‎
He worked closely with Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin on numerous projects including artwork for a musical titled ‘Roma Armee’. He also collaborated with his wife Delaine Le Bas to create ‘Safe European Home?’, a series of installations exhibited across Europe since 2011 that explore identity, migration and borders.
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Challenging stereotypes and marginalization, he initiated the Roma Biennale, which is dedicated to the art of Gypsy, Roma, Traveller and other communities and which came to fruition posthumously in Berlin in 2018.
Both Damian and Delaine Le Bas were Artists at Risk (AR)-Residents in Helsinki and participated in the Perpetuum Gypsy/Roma Pavilion in Venice in 2009.
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For more information about his work and the 12 other artists in the ARTISTS AT RISK PAVILION see: https://bit.ly/ar-pavilion-artists
Visit his website at https://damianlebasartbrut.com