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Help Artists at Risk!

Artists at Risk (AR) works with artists around the world, including those affected by war and crises such as those in Ukraine and Afghanistan. We focus on helping artists to safety and placing them in welcoming artist communities. Your support will directly benefit artists fleeing war and persecution in the form of emergency resources, travel aid, and residencies. Help support our non-profit organization help artists in danger!

Since 2013, AR has built a global network of arts non-profits and funders to assist artists who are at risk politically and fleeing oppression and war, establishing 26 residency locations in 19 countries. In 2016 the group received the European Parliament‘s European Citizen’s Prize. Learn more on our About page.

WAR IN UKRAINE! Please share the Artist at Risk Emergency Resource Page with any artists and art practitioners affected by the war who might need support.


Donate via Paypal:


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Donate via bank transfer by sending funds to: 

Perpetuum Mobile ry
IBAN: FI35 5723 0220 7720 60

This Donations Account has the
Finnish Police Permission Code: RA/2022/1179

Perpetuum Mobile (PM) is the non-profit association registered in Finland that runs Artists at Risk (AR).
For further Perpetuum Mobile (PM) platforms and projects, see

If you wish to donate to PM’s ongoing activities with FAIRCOIN use this address:
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