Barış Seyitvan

Artist and curator, Berlin/Diyarbakir

Bariş Seyitvan is an independent Kurdish artist and curator from Diyarbakir, Turkey who currently lives in Berlin, Germany. His professional experience spans 20 years of work with arts organizations, individual artists and nonprofits. Seyitvan‘s focus is on contemporary art and migration in the Middle East. His work explores and reflects the trans-national reality of the global Kurdish community. 

Seyitvan‘s exhibitions examine subjects that touch on history, ecology, geography and politics, as well as broader cultural themes of language, exile, gender and displacement, which have long dominated the Kurdish experience. He maintains relationships with a large number of Middle Eastern artists living in various parts of the world and organizes exhibitions in various cities globally. 

Bariş Seyitvan was an Artists at Risk (AR)-Resident in Helsinki and Berlin. Find out more about his works and curatorial projects on his website.

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