Julia Baluda

Abstract artist

ResidencyResidence Iris Toskana, Italy

Hosting periodAutumn 2022

Julia Baluda is a doll maker and artist from Kherson, Ukraine.

Balouda graduated from the Kherson National University and also studied land art and weaving. Since 2021, she has been in the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. 

Balouda began her career as a puppeteer, creating collectible one-of-a-kind dolls with the classic papier-mâché technique. She now creates abstract canvases and installations with her own mixed media technique, including using paper waste – newsletters, craft paper, magazines, old books. She also experiments with different materials, such as wax, thread and air-drying and oven-baked polymer clay.

Prior to fleeing the city, Baluda actively participated in the artistic life of Kherson by supporting the arts within the community, taking part in charitable projects and organising exhibitions.

Since 2007, Baluda’s creative works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Ukraine, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

In the words of Baluda:

“During my art residency in Italy, I created the abstract work “Destruction of Space”, a series of watercolour works depicting local flora. I also developed the concept and started work on the project “Women’s Singing” and have made a series of collages for the exhibition “Other Worlds for the Head in Flowers”.

Comfortable conditions for my work were created in the residence and the necessary materials were provided. Despite the stress experienced during the occupation in the city of Kherson and moving to another country, I was able to fully implement all my artistic projects at the proper level.”

Julia Baluda is an ARTISTS at RISK (AR)-UNESCO Resident at Iris Toscana, Italy, with the support of the UNESCO Heritage Emergency Fund and the UNESCO-Aschberg Programme for Artists and Cultural Professionals.

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