Kateryna Harahulia

Visual Artist


Kateryna Harahulia (1999) is a Ukrainian visual artist working under the creative pseudonym ‘Dextrum Methodo’. Harahulia has been practicing art for more than twelve years and has extensive experience on many fields of art. She grew up in Kharkov, studied stage design, costume art and sacral and monumental art, and graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev with a Master’s degree in Stage Design.

Harahulia is a versatile artist and works in different techniques such as oil and mural painting, mosaic, ceramic, fresco, sgraffito, stained glass art, book illustration, artistic photography, graphics, watercolour and several print techniques. Harahulia describes the direction of her work as symbolic futuristic impressionism, which is called Dextrum Methodo. She projects her vision through methods that are not limited to painting and print, but combine different genres of art, such as theatrical scenography, costume art, filmmaking and photography.

Harahulia has been hosted in AR-Finland Network residencies in Tampere Artists’ Association, Anti-Festival Kuopio and by Saastamoinen Foundation in Helsinki, and her residencies were co-funded by TAIKE and Saastamoinen Foundation. During her time in Finland Harahulia has participated in both solo and group exhibitions such as “Revelation of Consternation” , Myymala2 Gallery, Helsinki, Finland (2023), “The Glow of the Forest”, in Espoo, Imatra and Kuopio (2022-2023) and an art project organized by the creative group Dextrum Methodo “Myrskylintu”, Exploration of Ukrainian War in the Demolition ArtHouse Project “Pinni 47”. Tampere, Finland. (2023).

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