Kholod Hawash

Textile artist

ResidencyAR-Safe Haven Helsinki, Finland

Hosting periodSeptember-November 2020

Kholod Hawash is a self taught textile artist born in Basra, Iraq, in 1977. Her whose work is inspired by the cultural heritage of her former homeland – the region’s landscapes, symbols and local narratives. Because her husband and others around her were politically persecuted, she initially fled to Jordan before migrating to Finland with the help of the NGO Artists at Risk. With Long Nights, Kholod Hawash draws attention to the oppression of and violence against women in the Middle East. Carpets that stand for domesticity show images that stand for protest and detachment from oppression: Nudity, brutality, intimacy, and elements of a pristine nature flow into one another. By incorporating the demand for freedom into an ancient craft method traditionally used by women, Hawash’s art represents a clear feminist message: women are raising their voices.