Mahnaz Jarchi

Screenwriter and audiovisual producer

ResidencyCCCB, Barcelona

Mahnaz Jarchi began her career in filmmaking in 2016 as a production assistant on Iranian director Mahmoud Ghaffari’s film Hair; the work won the Talent Award at the Festival International de Films de Fribourg in Switzerland. Since then, she has participated as assistant director on numerous projects such as Mahmoud Ghaffari’s No, 17 Sohelia, a film that was nominated in 2019 for the Oscars for Best Foreign Film.

As a screenwriter, she has written The Apple Day, directed by Mahmud Ghaffari and which was presented at the 72nd Berlinale. She is currently part, together with Mahmoud Ghaffari, of the European project Artists at Risk(AR), to help persecuted artists and is preparing Blue Girl, a film about Iranian girls and the impositions they receive from the government and their families.

She is currently an AR-ENSH Resident at CCCB, Barcelona.

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