Oksana Khyzhniak


ResidencyMisschiefs, Stockholm, Sweden

Hosting periodAutumn 2022

Oksana Khyzhniak is a watercolourist from Ukraine.

Khyzhniak, who signs her work as Kesan, has drawn since her childhood, which was spent in a family with a long tradition of worshiping beauty. Her mentors were Kharlova Valentine Havrylivna, a teacher and tireless populariser of Ukrainian graphic and folk culture, and Evgena Ivanovycha Pilugina, a student of the legendary Marfa Tymchenko.

From early on, Khyzhniak’s work drew the attention of publishers, which is what got her into illustration, including of the series “Taes Bereginya” from publishing house Klumba. She also does works to order, including the interior and exterior design of premises, in the folk style. However, her main activity has always been working with children, for which she draws inspiration from her own childhood, spent with a brush in hand.

Besides numerous exhibitions, her works are in private collections in Ukraine, France, Sweden, Germany, Israel, Norway, UAE, the USA and the Czech Republic.

Oksana Khyzhniak is an ARTISTS at RISK (AR)-UNESCO Resident at Misschiefs in Stockholm, Sweden, with the support of the UNESCO Heritage Emergency Fund and the UNESCO-Aschberg Programme for Artists and Cultural Professionals. 

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