SaidAhmed Mohamed Alhassan

Visual artist

ResidencyAR-Tunis at ArtVeda, Tunisia

SaidAhmed Mohammed Alhassan is a visual artist from Sudan who interweaves his background in engineering with fine art. His talent was first recognized when he clinched the award for the best graduation project at the College of Fine Arts and graduated with first-class honours in 2016.

Currently residing in Tunisia, he immerses himself in artistic endeavours through an Artists at Risk (AR)-Residency at ArtVeda. Concurrently, he is pursuing a master’s degree in animation at the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Tunis. Through his art, SaidAhmed offers a unique lens to observe societal transformations. His portfolio encapsulates a diverse range of mediums and techniques, reflecting his creative versatility.

In 2014, SaidAhmed was awarded the golden prize at the Khartoum Mobile Cinema for an animated WhatsApp film which he designed scenes and illustrated for. In 2017, he showcased his works in a duo exhibition hosted at the Cultural French Center Khartoum. Some of his notable mosaic murals are ‘Kordofan Culture’ at El Obeid International Airport in 2018 and ‘Utopia’ at Khartoum in Sudan, sponsored by the Goethe-Institut in 2021.

He also participated in the “Art Meets Cultural Politics” project sponsored by the German Foreign Affairs Ministry in 2022 and shared his expertise in mosaic murals at various forums in Tunisia in 2023. He was also an exhibiting artist in the Artists at Risk Pavilion in Venice in 2024.

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