Slava Ptrk

Visual and Urban Artist

ResidencyZKM | Center for Art and Media, Germany

Slava Ptrk is a visual/urban artist and curator, creating outdoor art and indoor projects featuring “total” installations which include objects, sculptures, video and sound art. he was born in Russia in 1990 and is currently a nomadic artist.

Ptrk studied at the Rodchenko Art School and Free Workshops Contemporary Art School, MMOMA (both in Moscow), Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and CEC ArtsLink Global Art Lab (New York).

In Yekaterinburg, he co-curated the ‘Stenograffia’ international street art festival (2011–2014), co-founded ‘the Sweater’ street art gallery (2014–2016) and founded an independent street art festival, ‘Carte Blanche’ (2018–present). Lately in Montenegro, he founded a series of site-specific showcases titled ‘Post Scriptum Projects’ (2023–present).

Since Ptrk’s first solo exhibition in 2013, he has taken part in street art festivals and group exhibitions in over a dozen countries across Europe and in the USA. He has also participated in several biennales in Russia and worked as an artist-in-residence in Russia, Ukraine, Italy, the USA, Switzerland, Finland and Montenegro.

He is currently an Artists at Risk (AR)-Resident at Center for Art and Media – ZKM Karlsruhe in Germany.

Find out more about his artworks and projects on his website:

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