Sound instrument sculptures, 2022

14 - Suva Deepdas

Post of Hierarchy, 2022

Sculptural pyrography

146 cm x 40 cm x 24 cm, Wood

Courtesy of the Artist.

Pyrographically-inscribed texts (inner): “Complexities commencing to the conjecture for convex contrary to concave” 

Pyrographically-inscribed texts (surrounding): “Foretelling, Portending, Prognosticate, Presaging, Adumbrate, Auspicate and Harbingering Destiny!”

Sound instrument sculptures, 2022 Presage, 40 cm x 18 cm x 20 cm

Synthesis, 27 cm x 43 cm  x 32 cm

Corporealocution, 72 cm x 31cm x 33 cm

Courtesy of the Artist.

Suva:  “We know that in terms of discourse there is thesis countered by anti-thesis, but also that both are examined by synthesis. What we actually need is synthesis to find a third root instead of two extremes. That is also the situation of migrants trying their best to find a way to their destined destinations.” 

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