Suvadeep Das

Multi-disciplinary artist, Helsinki/Shillong Meghalaya

Suvadeep Das, a multi-disciplinary artist based in Finland since 2009, holds a Master of Arts in Live Arts and Performance Studies. He has performed at numerous live events in Finland such as LAPSody, Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP), Gallery Audusta and Pixelache Festival. Suva was an Immigré Artists (IA)-Resident hosted by Artists at Risk (AR)-Safe Haven Helsinki in 2021. 

His creative process combines the body and material through fine arts, music and “bodily writing”, ultimately seeking not only to correlate visual art and performance but also to explore common grounds across differences concerning social, cultural and political issues. As such, the combination of his self-made instrument sculptures and Pyrography pieces focuses on the aesthetics on display while also directing attention to harsh and yet often hidden issues of inequity trapped and perpetuated by border relations. 

Suvadeep frequently engages with various sound artists and musicians in collaborative happenings and events.

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