Documentation: Artists at Risk (AR) Symposium and Screenings

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The Artists at Risk (AR) Pavilion – Berlin: mutatis mutandis
Artists at Risk (AR) Symposium and Screenings – A Conversation at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin



Antti Kaski, Minister, Embassy of Finland

Erden Kosovo, AR Resident in Berlin, hosted by Apartment Project and funded by the City of Berlin « Weltoffenes Berlin » programme

Tito Valery, AR Resident at AR Safe Haven Helsinki (previously at AR – Wysing Art Centre)

Maik Müller, Head of the Martin Roth Initiative (a cooperation of the Goethe Institute and ifa)

Delaine Le Bas, Tito Valery, Erden Kosovo, Issa Touma; Artists at Risk (AR) co-founders: Marita Muukkonen, Ivor Stodolsky