AR-Resident Smart Owie: Nigerian Sculptor

Smart Owie was born in Benin, Nigeria, a city renowned for its sculptural background, particularly in the fields of casting. Owie himself was fortunate to come from a family of wood carvers and he learned the skill from an early age. In 1998 he moved to Ebute-Metta, in Lagos where he later joined the Universal Studio of Art, working with prominent artists of the region. Following a completion of a National Diploma in General Arts at Yaba College of Technology in 2008 he set up his own private Woodcocks Studio at the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) Artists’ Village, situated in the National Theatre Complex in Lagos until it was demolished in 2016 due to political rivalry within the local art world, leaving Owie’s works destroyed. Protests following this demolition led to Smart being shot in the leg by Police and he has suffered ongoing harassment and threats of violence as a result of his criticism of authorities through his artwork.

Owie continues to make works using traditional woodworking methods while being critical of abuses of human rights. His period of residency will give him the opportunity to convey his working methods within an international context.

Smart Owie’s traditional woodwork skills used to manufacture instruments.

Wooden sculptures made by Smart Owie.

Smart Owie is an Artists-at-Risk (AR) Resident at an undisclosed AR-Safe Haven Residency.

This Artists at Risk (AR) Residency is curated by PM–Perpetuum Mobile and co-funded by the AR-Secretariat and Frontline Defenders.