AR Resident – Kholod Hawash


Welcoming Kholod Hawash to AR Saari Residence/Saastamoinen Residency
Welcoming Kholod Hawash to the new AR-ICORN Residency

Kholod Hawash is a self taught textile artist Born in Albasra, Iraq, in 1977. Her work is inspired by the heritage and archeological landscapes of the region she is from. Its bold symbols and forms convey strong local narratives. Due to the persecution of her husband Saddam Jumaily and others in her circle, Kholod sought refuge in Amman, Jordan where she is currently based.

Kholod has participated in many group exhibitions in Iraq and Jordan as well as having held solo shows at Jacaranda Gallery (2010) and Dar Al Anda Gallery (2018) in Jordan.

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Kholod Hawash is an Artists-at-Risk (AR)-ICORN Resident at AR-Safe Haven Helsinki, curated by Perpetuum Mobile (PM).

Hawash was an AR Resident at AR-Saari Residence funded by Kone Foundation in Mynämäki, Southwest Finland, as part of the joint Artists at Risk (AR) programme with Saastamoinen Foundation. Together with Saddam Jumaily, continues as a resident of the new longer-term AR-ICORN Safe Haven Helsinki Residency.

With the City of Helsinki becoming a member of the International City of Refuge Network (ICORN), one AR-Residency per year is designated as an AR-ICORN Residency, forming an integral part of AR-Safe Haven Helsinki’s longer-term-stay programme. This programme is as always curated by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) and is co-hosted by PM with HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme. It is funded by the Department of Culture and Leisure of the City of Helsinki.

The AR Secretariat is generously funded by Kone Foundation.





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