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See Artists at Risk (AR)’s Campaign for the release and just treatment of Fatoş İrwen


Fatoş İrwen was a participant in:

The AR Pavilion Berlin: Mutatis Mutandis
Documentation: The Artists at Risk (AR) Pavilion Berlin: Mutatis Mutandis


Photo by Ahmet Aküzüm

Fatoş İrwen is an artist and teacher. She was born and raised in the Sûr neighborhood of Diyarbakır, Turkey. She attended Dicle University. After receiving her diploma, she began teaching in Batman, in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. She later continued her art and teaching career in Diyarbakır.

Fatoş İrwen has been in prison since 2017. For more information on this see AR’s campaign for her release.


Irwen’s work prior to her imprisonment included remarkable performance and video work, which elicits strong reactions from audiences. Artists at Risk (AR) has shown her work as part of AR’s programmes (e.g. Politics of Dissonance, Manifesta Palermo) and at exhibitions, including the AR Pavilion-Berlin in 2018.

Fatoş Irwen, El dikişi, Video of performative work, 2016.  This work was shown as part of the AR PAVILION – BERLIN.

Artists at Risk (AR) is campaigning to bring attention to this brave young artist’s difficult and unjust predicament and ill-treatment by the Turkish authorities.

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