Artists at Risk (AR) joins DIE VIELEN and signs the « DECLARATION OF THE MANY »

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Artists at Risk (AR) has joined DIE VIELEN (« The Many ») and its « BERLIN DECLARATION OF THE MANY ».

The BERLINER ERKLÄRUNG DER VIELEN, which provides the model for similar declarations across Germany and Europe is found at the below link with all of its Berlin signatories:



• The cultural institutions signing this declaration will lead an open and critical dialogue
that creates awareness in regards to right-wing strategies. The institutions engage in these
dialogues with all participants as well as the public under the premise that their institutions have a commitment to advancing our society democratically.
• All signatories commit themselves to not providing a platform for racist-nationalist
• We reject the illegitimate attempts made by right-wing nationalists to exploit art and
cultural events for their own purposes.
• We unite in solidarity with people who, in the light of right-wing politics, are further
marginalised within our society.