Hietsun Paviljonki welcomes Artists at Risk (AR)

The new AR Studio, Event and Workshop space for AR-Residents on Hietaranta Beach in Helsinki.

Saddam Jumaily’s paintings in the AR Hietsun Paviljonki studio

Artists at Risk (AR) is delighted to be joining the community at Hietsun Paviljonki in Helsinki, with the use of a studio and a workshop for PM and AR-Safe Haven Helsinki residents. Hietsun Paviljonki joins the AR’s commons and studio spaces at Lapinlahden Lähde and Levytie as the newest AR-Safe Haven Helsinki hosting location. Kholod Hawash and Saddam Jumaily and  will be the first artists based at the space which will be available for all PM and AR-Residents.

As the village-house of Töölö district, Hietsun Paviljonki is deeply embedded in its neighbourhood. The building is run by the non-profit organisation KOY Töölön kylätalon Hietsu and is home to the Hietsu classical concert series and the Academy of Hietsu, and frequently hosts community events as well as providing workspaces for artists, musicians, designers, researchers and more.

The goal of the community centre is to offer affordable spaces for communities, organizations and creative individuals and promote interaction between citizens, government, NGOs and small businesses. This offers an ideal environment for PM and AR-Residents to thrive, create and work.

We are looking forward to hosting future events and getting to know our new neighbours!

AR-Residents Kholod Hawash and Saddam Jumaily at Hietsun Paviljonki

Studio visit: Riet Van Gerven and Jan-Willen van Rijnberk, curators from SEA Foundation, viewing the textile work of Kholod Hawash (at right, standing) at the AR Hietsun Paviljonki studio

Ivor Stodolsky, Saddam Jumaily, Kholod Hawash and Marita Muukkonen at Hietsun Paviljonki

Markku Koivusalo (director, Hietsun Paviljonki), Saddam Jumaily and Kholod Hawash

Studio visit: Jan-Willen van Rijnberk, a curator from SEA Foundation, viewing Saddam Jumaily’s paintings at Hietsun Paviljonki

The view of Hietaranta Beach from the studio!


Artists at Risk’s AR–Safe Haven Helsinki is curated and hosted by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) at Hietsun Paviljonki and Lapinlahden Lähde. It is funded by the Division of Culture and Leisure of the City of Helsinki with help of the AR Secretariat co-funded by Kone Foundation.