AR-Bergen at Kunsthall 3.14

We are delighted to welcome Kunsthall 3.14 to the Immigré Artists (IA) and Artists at Risk (AR) Nordic Network with the launch of AR-Bergen. Kunsthall 3.14 is a non-profit art institution located in the heart of Bergen, Norway. The Sudanese director and filmmaker Razan Rahama will be the first AR-Resident hosted at AR-Bergen at Kunsthall 3.14. 

The Kunsthall 3.14 residency program is motivated by a demand for a more just world, and the dynamic between the international and the local. Having established itself in the art scene in the early ’90s within the field of New Internationalism, Kunsthall 3.14 became a Nordic pioneer in the dissemination of art outside of the epicenters of the art world and one of the first institutions in the region to focus on contemporary art beyond the western discourse. They have consistently supported the international since their inception and continue to focus on the pressing questions of our time in openly formulated art projects.

Kunsthall 3,14 aims to provide an engaging environment for artists, to inform, inspire, challenge and act as an accessible resource that elevates the role of art in contemporary culture. They believe that the merging of conceptual and formal inquiries in response to socio- and geo-political phenomena results in distinctive and enticing art. Committed to knowledge production, presentation and interpretation of artistic work across all media, Kunsthall 3,14 aims to promote artistic exploration. They collaborate on an international scale to place experimental media into new and meaningful contexts and define alternative movements and research.

The curatorial approach at Kunsthall 3,14 is inspired by Lucy Lippard’s statement that the most exciting art is the perfect implement for exploring what is to come and might still be buried in social energies not yet recognized as art. This vital role of contemporary art is set against various dominant global forces which it opposes through contextual intermediation. 

The Kunsthall 3.14 residency program is founded by the Municipality of Bergen and the Art Council of Norway.

AR-Bergen at Kunsthall 3.14 is an AR-Residency in Bergen, Norway. AR-Bergen  is part of Immigré Artists (IA) and Artists at Risk (AR) Nordic Network funded by Nordic Culture Point, curated by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) and is coordinated by the AR-Secretariat, co-funded by Kone Foundation. This AR-Residency is co-funded by IA and AR.

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