#RiskandRebellion Participant 1. Club Tenco – Premio Tenco, board member Steven Forti

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Steven Forti (Trento, Italy, 1981) is a historian, journalist and cultural activist and professor of contemporary history at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Forti is a member of the board of the Club Tenco, the famed European association dedicated to promoting and enhancing songwriting since the early seventies. Among other activities, Forti founded Cose di Amilcare, a festival dedicated to Italian songwriting in Spain together with Sergio Secondiano Sacchi in 2012. He is also the writer and presenter of Zibaldone, a radio program on Contrabanda FM (Barcelona).

Club Tenco – Premio Tenco is a cultural association founded in Sanremo, Italy, in 1972 by Amilcare Rambladi and dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of songwriting. Since then, the Club has organized a yearly festival consisting of a week of concerts, meetings, dialogues and presentations of artistic projects. Among the international artists who have received the Tenco prize are Léo Ferré, Pablo Milanés, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Tom Waits, Laurie Anderson and many more. In 2020, Club Tenco decided to establish the Grup Yorum award, dedicated to the Turkish band by the same name,three of whose members died after long hunger strikes protesting censorship and repression under the Erdogan regime. The award is dedicated to artists who fight for human rights and stand up against dictatorships worldwide with their music and songs. Ramy Essam was the first artist to receive the Grup Yorum award.

#RiskandRebellion (January 24th and 25th, 2021) is a mondial symposium and kick-off of Artists at Risk (AR) – A European Network of Safe Havens (AR-ENSH) a Creative Europe project co-funded by the European Union. AR-ENSH Partner Institutions: Artists at Risk (AR)ArtvedaCCCBStalker and ZKM | Karlsruhe.

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