#RiskandRebellion Symposium & Ramy Essam Band Live Stream: Participant 17, Ramy Essam (and band!)


Participant 17.

Ramy Essam

Rock artist and human rights defender Ramy Essam is considered to be one of the loudest voices of today. His resilient journey from the hub of the Egyptian revolution to the international stages has included viral hits and awards as well as moments of struggle. With his background in being the voice of the streets of his country, Ramy today stands for social justice and human rights worldwide. Ramy’s music is rock with Egyptian flavor and hiphop influences, inspired by hard rock and grunge. He sings in both Egyptian Arabic and English.

His band members:
Aleksi Kinnunen is a Helsinki-based drummer and music producer. He works with different styles from jazz to electronic music and recently in sound design. Along with Ramy Essam’s band, Kinnunen plays with feelswithcaps, Janne Masalin, Neljä Ässää and Serot.”

Samuli Kivelä is a musician from Finland. He plays guitar as his main instrument and has several solo and group projects ranging from rock bands to hypnotic trip hop soundscapes and multidisciplinary performances. Kivelä has a Master’s degree in jazz guitar from Sibelius Academy.

Jesper Anastasiadis is a 34-year old Helsinki-based singer, songwriter & bassist. He performs with multiple bands including internationally touring metal band Turisas and Finnish jam rock band Saimaa.

#RiskandRebellion (January 24th and 25th, 2021) is a mondial symposium and kick-off of Artists at Risk (AR) – A European Network of Safe Havens (AR-ENSH) a Creative Europe project co-funded by the European Union. AR-ENSH Partner Institutions: Artists at Risk (AR)ArtvedaCCCBStalker and ZKM | Karlsruhe.

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WATCH the livestream: http://bit.ly/RandRliveYoutube