#RiskandRebellion Participant 20. Marta Vallejo.


Marta Vallejo is a writer, political scientist and cultural worker based in Barcelona. She is interested in the intersection of spaces between cultural creation and political and community intervention, and has worked in Bosnia Herzegovina, Senegal and Egypt. She has developed artistic research on processes of collective creation and the situated meanings of the commons, collaborating among others with the Senegalese multimedia art centre Kër Thiossane, with the Egyptian independent art space Wekalet Behna and with the Egyptian theatre and performance festivals Nassim el Raqs and Theatre is a Must. She currently works at LaFundició, a cultural cooperative based in Hospitalet de Llobregat, and is part of Plataform Harakat, an interdisciplinary research and creation group on migration and nomadism.

#RiskandRebellion (January 24th and 25th, 2021) is a mondial symposium and kick-off of Artists at Risk (AR) – A European Network of Safe Havens (AR-ENSH) a Creative Europe project co-funded by the European Union. AR-ENSH Partner Institutions: Artists at Risk (AR)ArtvedaCCCBStalker and ZKM | Karlsruhe.

#Art #Dissident #PoliticalMovements #Activism #HumanRights

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