Welcome to Suva as an Immigré Artists (IA)-Resident in Helsinki!

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PHOTO: by Julius Töyrylä , LAPSody

We finally have the opportunity to announce that Suva joined Artists at Risk (AR) in January 2021 as an  Immigré Artists (IA)-Resident in Helsinki. Welcome once more Suva!

Suva is a multi-disciplinary artist who has been based in Finland since 2009. Working primarily in performance art, he seeks to combine notions of the body and material alongside music, visual art and “bodily writing” in his creative process. He engaged in many collaborations and solo art projects in Finland. One such is “Log Drum Communication”, an interactive community performance based on an ancient system  of networking used by indigenous peoples in diverse global settings including Lapland, Siberia and South-East Asia. 

During his upcoming IA Residency at AR, Suva will continue to delve into his interests in public anatomy – his artistic practice of concentrating on the nuances of public space where the observer becomes a participant. Public space is where the act of making and doing correlates with intervention, interaction, anticipation and a temporal sense of community. Suva’s experience as a foreigner in Finland gave him the possibility of exploring this marginal area by questioning the existence of ‘the Other’ in the space of ‘An-Other’, as he puts it.

“The Other in the Space of An-Other” is the theme of his ongoing research, which he will continue during his AR-Residency. He articulates this notion as it relates to food culture, which involves artistry and performativity. The project anticipates and reciprocates the exchange of tastes and nourishment to construct bridges between cultures. Suvadeep also investigates how Visual Art and Music can “co-relate” through the lens of “The Other in the Space of An-Other”. 

Suva’s projects’ key intentions are to find common ground, to weave together performance and visual art and to address current social, cultural and political issues which are trapped and perpetuated by border relations. 

Suva’s residency at AR has already featured several performances. The next will be a performance at Myymälä2 Gallery in Helsinki in February 2021.

AR links:

Immigré Artists (IA)-Resident Suvadeep Das

External links:

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Suva’s second sound performance at Mymalla2 : http://bit.ly/SuvadeepM2 

Suva is an Immigré Artists (IA)-Resident hosted at AR-Safe Haven Helsinki. This residency is co-funded by Nordic Culture Point and the Helsingin kaupunki – Helsingfors stad – City of Helsinki Department of Culture and Leisure.

The AR and IA-Network is coordinated by the AR-Secretariat, co-funded by Koneen Säätiö –  Kone Foundation, and curated by Perpetuum Mobile – PM.