PRESS: A letter for Ukraine by e-flux

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SOURCE: e-flux


A letter for Ukraine


Maria Prymachenko, May that nuclear war be cursed!. Maria Prymachenko (1909–1997) was a Ukrainian self-taught artist whose works were destroyed in the museum dedicated to her work in Ivankiv by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We stand alongside the people of Ukraine in their resistance to the invasion of their country by Russian forces. We assert the rights of the Ukrainian people to free expression and democratic self-determination. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues working in Ukraine’s cultural sector.

We deplore the lies to which President Putin resorts in attempting to justify an unjustifiable war. We applaud the thousands of people in Russia who continue to protest President Putin’s despotism in defiance of his apparatus of repression. We recognise that this war is not the will of the people of the Russian Federation but the fantasy of their corrupted leader.

This is not a regional conflict. This is the latest development in a global war waged by autocrats and kleptocrats. We thank the people of Ukraine for their valour and we pledge our support to their cause. We call for safe passage to be provided to the students and workers of other nationalities trapped in the country, and insist that Ukraine’s international partners provide refuge for all those displaced by the war.

We urge readers to learn more about the conflict, and to act to support those affected by it, by referring to these resources and contributing to these organizations.

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