Oleksandr Tanasiuk

Visual artist

ResidencyCreative Residence MC6

Hosting periodAutumn-Winter 2023


Now I live in Lviv because of the occupation and the beginning of hostilities in Kherson. Left the occupation from Kherson through the green corridor to Kryvyi Rih. Then to his friend in Lviv. He gave his workshop as a shelter for refugees. The first project I did in the hospital was a series of drawings of patients “Pain and Safety”. The project was presented at the group exhibition “Inside/outside” by Dzyga. Lviv. Also the “City of Power” pinhole project. For the “CounterMyth” project. In the winter, I made a series of works “Camouflage” which were presented at the exhibition in Milan and Padua. Italy. In December 2023, he received a scholarship from the Goethe Institute to create an exhibition of Kherson artists “Auslender. Adaptation”. The project was implemented in Odessa. Gallery “Subtle matter In May, I worked in the residence of the Lviv Municipal Center, where I did the work “Camouflage. Refugees” and also started the works “Where are you?”, “Gondola in camouflage”. In summer and autumn I worked with refugee children. In parallel, he wrote sketches of Lviv and the Carpathians. In the MC6 residence. He created a number of paintings in which he tried to reproduce his feelings and experiences from working with traumatized children. Combining collages with children’s drawings and paintings. At the end of the residency, together with the women relocated from Kharkiv, they created the performance “Burning house”. Now I am in Odesa.

Projects created  during the residency period

  1. The performance “Burning house” is about the feeling of loss, how a person loses. everything is trying to get out of this state, through acceptance or struggle. Now, in this difficult time, when everything is really burning in our country and people are losing their lives and families, these experiences are familiar to a large part of Ukrainians. On a symbolic level, the field of the first part of the performance represented a physical landscape of very different parts, but connected by gauze, like a nervous system or the influence of force fields.

2. Painting and collage exhibition. In these works, I tried to convey my feelings when I worked with refugee children from Donbas and Southern Ukraine. Children’s traumatic feelings were conveyed in their drawings. And I tried to combine children’s perception and feelings and visual pictures that can be observed in the Carpathians. I was interested in experimenting with this theme. And also explore the expressive language of children’s drawings. 1. “Colorful Refuge”. Canvas, acrylic, 60×70 cm. 2023. The painting “Colorful Refuge” is a meditation on the theme of refuge and safety for refugees. Her concept is to use bright colors and simple children’s drawings to create a strong impression and emotional connection with the audience. A child’s drawing is present in the picture in order to convey the innocence and vulnerability of children who find themselves in the position of refugees. The first question of children who have arrived in a safe place is “Where is the shelter?” “What to do if an air alert is announced?” 1. The bone is broken, the bone is dirty, the bone does not work” is a collage with a spontaneous drawing of a 6-year-old child whose mother left Donbas. In this drawing, the child is trying to process the trauma, with the help of such repetition, reminiscent of a magic spell. The works “Housing for Rent, Unicef Tent”, “Bomb Vault”, “Cremation”, “Evil Sun” were also made.

This programme is organised by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) as part of the Artists at Risk (AR)-Network in partnership with UNESCO and with the support of Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and Teiger Foundation.