Between 2022-2023, the AR-Ukraine-Internal Residency Network of cultural institutions, art centres and private art initiatives has hosted over 100 artists and cultural workers at safe locations within Ukraine. Aside from those listed below, see the list of AR-UNESCO Residents in 2022. The hosting institutions have included 

Bakota Hub

Platform Ostriv


Creative Residence MC6

Retreat Art House

Asortymentna Kimnata

post impreza media

Lviv Municipal Art Center



Social Activity Center (Active Community)

Urban Culture Institute (Art – Claster “Na Poshti”)

NVAIR (Nazar Voitovich Art Residence)

Congress of Cultural Activists (CCA)

Funding was provided by UNESCO, Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and Teiger Foundation. This included funding for travel and logistics, insurance, full living grants for about 3 months eacch, coordination costs of hosts and renovations and repairs at three hosting institutions.

Below is a map with locations of the hometowns of the residents and the residency hosting instiuttions in 2023.

Over the 2-3 month residencies, the artists were provided a safe and comfortable environment promoting psychosomatic healing and artistic activity, the opportunity to work in a workshop/studio space, support for artistic initiatives and new opportunities for adaptation in the local artistic environment as well as assessments of the resident’s psycho-emotional state and referral to a specialist (crisis psychotherapist/psychiatrist) if necessary.

“I don’t want to live and wake up in the morning. I doubt that other person can help me, but all my friends say I need psychotherapy”
Electronic musician, Kharkiv

“My home is in Kherson near Antonivskyi Bridge, and I have not been there since February 2022. My father lost 2 legs in Bakhmut and received a lot of injuries. Every new surgery is a risk for him. I love my family. My home has always been a place of recovery, acceptance and rest. But I can’t say that I feel traumatized, My tears disappeared. I’m worried of hypercontrol over my emotions, quenching some kind of spectrum and its’ consequences. Or maybe I’m fine.“
Digital fashion designer, Kherson

“In the conditions of war, there is an inner feeling, that my art is useless, which deepens the sense of helplessness and anxiety. Apart from that, I am feeling emotionally exhausted from the constant thought that I am not doing enough to express myself productively in difficult circumstances.”
Crimean-Tatar visual artist

Each of the AR-UNESCO Residents has their own story to tell.  This online publication documents their myriad artistic, cultural, media,  social and very personal narratives.

UNESCO does not endorse any product, service, brand or company.

Ivan Stanislavsky


Residency: Lviv Municipal Art Center

Artem Bortnyk

Multidisciplinary artist

Residency: Ostriv Platform

Don Anna

Ceramic artist

Residency: Bakota Hub


Digital artist

Residency: Retreat Art House


Visual artist

Residency: Lviv Municipal Art Center

Olha Lisowska

Book and editorial illustrator

Residency: Ostriv Platform


Visual artist

Residency: Retreat Art House


Electronic musician

Residency: Retreat Art House

Mykyta Filonenko

Digital artist

Residency: Nazariy Voitovich Art Residence (NVAIR)



Residency: Bakota Hub

Olga Zerno

Visual artist

Residency: Creative Residence MC6