Digital artist

ResidencyRetreat Art House

Hosting periodAutumn - winter 2023


I dropped out of nine grades and entered a higher vocational school as a welder and repairman, but already at that time I knew that I would not work as a profession because I had a great interest in game development, I started studying 3D graphics and game development from school, graduated and graduated from friends, my first LINCH game in Steam Early Access, I started developing the second game and spent a lot of money and time on it, but I could not finish the project due to the start of the war. I know and love to model weapons, equipment and levels for games, I have skills in such programs as Unity, Cinema 4D,RizomUV,Unreal Engine,Marvelous Designer,ZBrush,Substance 3D Painter,Photoshop,3ds Max.
I have a dream to make my own film and go to work in the USA. Now I am developing in a new field for me: motion design and advertising.

Story of experience of risk, relocation and/or exile

Lived in the city of Kramatorsk, he and a friend were developing their own game, but since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, they lost their work, enthusiasm and inspiration, they were forced to leave their native home due to shelling, for some time he lived on savings in the city of Dnipro, Lviv and Kyiv, tried to get a job, for some time he had a freelance job , but the project ended and I had to look for a new job, but without success, I learned about the retreat_art_house residency from an acquaintance with whom I came here to volunteer and paint, here I felt a surge of strength and was able to make several orders abroad, and then I learned from Oleksiy about the Artists at Risk (AR).

Develop a detailed game model of the F 16 for the team shooter SQUAD

This programme is organised by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) as part of the Artists at Risk (AR)-Network in partnership with UNESCO and with the support of Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and Teiger Foundation.